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Al Manahil Al Zahabia Veterinary Pharmacy - Al Ain City - City Center

Because we always look forward to being ahead of the private veterinary market we have been establish the pharmacy of our first branch. This branch has played a major role in dealing with animal owners directly, leading to the final customer's mindset and knowledge of all their requirements. This helped us build our strategies and develop tight plans to expand our sales and deployment faster in the veterinary market.

Al-Maidan Veterinary Pharmacy – Al-Ain – Al-Jabeeb Branch:

We have not only stopped at this point but have sought to be in touch with the largest United Arab Emirates market, the camel market. Camels are treated as companion animals by its owners, giving it considerable attention. It also has a great share of heritage sports including camel racing and beauty-ornamental contests. So we opened a branch in the largest camel site on the outskirts of Al Ain City. The result was amazing in gathering information about this market.

AL Manahil Veterinary Pharmacy - Abu Dhabi - Branch:

We are looking to spread across the region and we have opened the third branch in the suburbs of the capital Abu Dhabi in Al-Wathba area, which hosts the largest camel race event in the entire Gulf region. It is close to the central veterinary hospital in the capital. Our presence there has been a great credit for the spread of our products.

Marceel veterinary Pharmacy - Dubai

We cannot aspire to spread without being in Dubai. One of the largest markets in the Gulf region and wherever there is a veterinary market, AL Maydan Veterinary establishment exist.

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Al MAYDAN VETERINARY Est. is a company involved in the importing, marketing and distribution animal health products. It was established in August 2004 and has experienced tremendous growth since its inception. Currently it is one of biggest single animal health products distributor in the country and is located in Al Ain.